Inpha Reblitive Tributes Father’s Day With New Single “Papa Proud”

Inpha Reblitive, also known as Montie Martin, has unveiled his latest heartfelt dancehall track just in time for Father’s Day. Titled “Papa Proud,” the song captures the essence of a son’s determination to make his father proud, with its powerful lyrics and captivating dancehall vibes.


Inpha Reblitive starts off the song, expressing his unwavering commitment to success and his determination to honor his father’s legacy, “I wa make papa proud, So when me a trad a road, Affi lead so Marcello cya follow crowd mi can not afford, Fi mummy come a my funeral a hala loud, Failure is not allowed, Born poor and desire more, So mi cya retire poor”


Born and raised in the volatile community of Raymonds, Clarendon, Jamaica, Inpha Reblitive’s journey has been marked by hardship and adversity. After losing his father at a young age, he used music as an outlet to express himself during challenging times. This personal journey serves as the inspiration behind “Papa Proud,” a heartfelt tribute to fathers and their enduring influence.


The chorus of “Papa Proud” resonates with listeners, as Inpha Reblitive sings, “Cuz from dung Ina the grave my daddy affi proud a me ways, I gi di most high praise, Fi all a mi real friends, Fi all mi achievements, Every hour a di day mi pretty mada affi proud a me ways, I give the most high praise.” These lyrics reflect the artist’s gratitude for the support of his loved ones and his determination to make them proud.


Inpha Reblitive’s name, carefully constructed after countless conversations with friends, signifies the cohesive effort to match the emotional graphic and lyrical content that flows from the lips of this talented individual. His music captivates listeners’ ears, emotions, minds, and imaginations, combining reality and relativity to resonate with this generation and beyond.


Having garnered attention with previous releases such as ‘Pretty & Petty’ featuring Destiny Sparta and tracks alongside renowned artists like Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee Sparta, and Lisa Hype, Inpha Reblitive continues to make waves in the Dancehall/Reggae industry. His unique expression and creative approach set him apart, combining captivating rhythms, heartfelt lyrics, and a mix of genres.



As Inpha Reblitive’s musical journey continues to evolve, “Papa Proud” serves as a testament to his dedication, resilience, and commitment to his craft. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and infectious dancehall beats make it a fitting tribute for Father’s Day, resonating with audiences and showcasing the artist’s ability to create music that connects on a deep and personal level.


Source: News Ghana

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