American Rapper Killed During His 26th Birthday Celebration In Holiday Inn Hotel Room

Julio Foolio

Source: Africa Publicity

US rapper, Julio Foolio, was reportedly killed during his birthday celebration in Tampa, Florida.

According to multiple local media reports, Foolio was celebrating his 26th birthday when he was “basically ambushed” in a Holiday Inn Hotel room and killed.

The Jacksonville rapper was shot and killed early Sunday, June 23, 2024, his lawyer, Lewis Fusco, reportedly confirmed to the media.

According to Lewis, Foolia was celebrating his 26th birthday and staying at an Airbnb. He added that too many people were in the Airbnb where Foolio’s birthday celebration was taking place and that they had to leave.

Prior to his death, Foolio had in an Instagram story said police shut the pool party and “kicked” them out of the Airbnb, with numerous posts on social advertising the location of the event.

According to Lewis, rapper Foolio then got a hotel room at Holiday Inn Hotel, where he was “basically ambushed.”

Tampa police reportedly said three people were injured in the attack that targeted two cars.

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