2 Students Arrested in Senegal For Allegedly Gang Raping Their Friend’s Girlfriend


Source: Africa Publicity

Two Senegalese college students have been arrested for allegedly gang-rapping their best friend’s girlfriend.

The rape victim is reportedly a minor who is living with her mother.

Officers at the Kolda Central Police Station on Monday morning, June 10, 2024, processed the two students for court, with their charge sheets revealing criminal conspiracy and gang rape of a minor allegations against them.

Mother of the victim, according to a report by local media outlet, Seneweb, lodged a criminal complaint with the police on Thursday, June 6, 2024. The victim and her mother are said to be residents of Bantangurl District.

The girl had reportedly visited her boyfriend but in his absence, his two friends allegedly raped her.

Reports say the Bfem candidate M.C. and F.E.M.D., in second class, took advantage of the absence of their friend named William to rape the girl in a room. They reportedly locked the girl up before raping her.

According to reports, investigators sought the services of a gynecologist, revealing that after examination, the medical certificate established the presence of signs of recent defloration in the victim.

Further investigations revealed bloodhounds to get their hands on the two suspects. Questioned on the record, the two students confessed. Mr. C. admitted to having penetrated his friend’s girlfriend with his finger. He let go when the girl started bleeding. As for F. E. M. D., he said he kissed the minor. The two defendants specified that their friend Wiliam was not in the room at the time of the incident.

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