Tamale Technical University Unions demand internal appointment for new VC

The Unionised Associations of Tamale Technical University (TaTU), comprising the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG), Technical University Senior Administrators Association of Ghana (TUSAAG), Technical University Administrator Association of Ghana (TUAAG), and Technical University Workers Association of Ghana (TUWAG), have issued a strong statement regarding the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor for the university.

While commending the Governing Council for constituting a Vice Chancellor’s Search Committee and acknowledging the committee’s swift work, the associations emphasise the critical nature of this decision for the university’s future.

They demand that the new Vice-Chancellor be appointed from within the institution, highlighting the unique expertise, dedication, and commitment of the university’s current professors.

Citing the historical precedent in Ghanaian public universities, where internal candidates are typically prioritized for such high-level appointments, the associations argue that Tamale Technical University should follow suit unless there is an exceptional lack of qualified staff within.

They believe the university’s own distinguished faculty members are best suited to lead, given their intimate understanding of the institution’s values, culture, and aspirations.

“The unionized associations categorically reject any move by the Governing Council to appoint a Vice-Chancellor from outside the university.

“We urge the Governing Council to demonstrate decisive leadership and expeditiously honour our demand for the appointment of a Vice-Chancellor from within the university. Adherence to this demand would not only serve the institution’s interest but also justify the trust and confidence reposed in the Council of the university,” the statement reads.

Source : Citi Newsroom

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