South Africa Launches Free Streaming Service ‘Freevision Play’

Sentech, South Africa’s leading streaming service provider, has unveiled Freevision Play, an innovative over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform aimed at offering free access to a wide array of local TV and radio channels to residents across the country.


First envisioned over a decade ago in April 2013, Freevision Play now fulfills its promise to bring television content online, accessible via smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs to anyone with an active internet connection.


According to Sentech, the launch of Freevision Play addresses longstanding barriers to accessing high-quality and informative content among South Africans. The platform leverages broadband infrastructure to deliver educational, entertainment, and informational content, fostering learning and engagement nationwide.


“Freevision Play is a game-changer, enabling free access to diverse content that enriches viewers’ experiences and supports local broadcasters by expanding their reach without the overhead costs associated with developing separate OTT platforms,” stated Sentech.


Currently, Freevision Play offers a spectrum of channels including KZN TV, Cape Town TV, Soweto TV, Tshwane TV,, and a dedicated stream for significant events like the Presidential Inauguration. The platform supports various viewing resolutions, with the Presidential Inauguration stream available at a maximum of 1080p.


In contrast, channels such as Cape Town TV and Tshwane TV offer a maximum resolution of 576p, ensuring accessible and flexible viewing experiences tailored to diverse audience preferences.


Sentech’s initiative builds on its established Freevision service, a satellite-based television platform requiring specialized equipment. In contrast, Freevision Play harnesses the ubiquity of internet connectivity to provide enhanced accessibility and flexibility in content consumption.


Former Sentech CEO Setumo Mohapi emphasized the company’s commitment to aligning with global trends and enhancing South Africa’s digital landscape. “Sentech’s development of a multimedia content distribution platform underscores our dedication to advancing local content accessibility,” Mohapi noted.


The launch of Freevision Play marks a pivotal step in Sentech’s strategic roadmap, contributing to South Africa’s digital migration journey while supporting local broadcasters in expanding their audience reach and revenue streams.


Sentech continues to collaborate with industry stakeholders to ensure the platform’s growth and enhance its role in shaping the future of digital broadcasting in South Africa.


For further details and access to Freevision Play, interested users can visit the official Freevision Play website or download the Freevision Play app from respective app stores.


Stay tuned for updates on this transformative development in South Africa’s media landscape.

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