Open Institute of Technology Set To Roll Out New Programs To Support Africa’s Digital Transformation Efforts


Professor Francesco Profumo, Rector of OPIT


Open Institute of Technology, an EU-accredited online institution renowned for its expertise in IT education, is expanding its degree program options for 2024. Through these new options, OPIT is looking towards welcoming more African students from countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana; to prepare a new generation of IT leaders for the continent’s much spoken about Digital Transformation.


OPIT has now introduced four specialized tracks for its BSc in Computer Science program for 2024, including Cybersecurity; Data Science & AI; Software Development & Cloud Computing; and Metaverse & Gaming. Additionally, a new BSc in Digital Business has been launched, catering to students interested in blending digital business with core computer science principles.

At the postgraduate level also – in addition to the existing MSc Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) program – OPIT now offers other Masters Degree options:
MSc Enterprise Cybersecurity
MSc Applied Digital Business
MSc Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Speaking on the objective behind the creation of these new degree programs, Professor Francesco Profumo, Rector of OPIT (and former Minister of Education, University and Research of Italy) said:

“In an era marked by an inevitable acceleration towards the most urgent transitions impacting society in the digital age, OPIT’s mission is to focus on quality online education in Technology. The starting point is the awareness of the misalignment in the labor market between what is taught in most universities and what companies are looking for today. That so-called mismatch, accelerated by the advent of AI, is generated by too much theory and too little practical approach. We have identified the skills that will guide this change and translated them into our innovative Degrees.”

The World Economic Forum projects a surge in AI-related job opportunities, estimating 97 million new positions by 2025 (with a 58% rise in roles demanding AI expertise). Yet, Deloitte’s research highlights a significant AI skills gap, with 68% of executives acknowledging its impact. In this dynamic landscape, OPIT stands ready to revolutionize higher education, addressing the pressing need for upskilling and reskilling in the global workforce through a holistic integration of AI across all its programs. By blending a global, competency-driven approach with a diverse array of degrees spanning AI, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Digital Business, OPIT provides students with a comprehensive online learning journey, equipping them to thrive in today’s fast-paced and competitive job market.

At OPIT, students benefit from a rich tapestry of global perspectives, with peers and professors hailing from 38 different nations. Embracing a student-centric ethos, OPIT offers robust support mechanisms, including round-the-clock tutor availability, dedicated class coordinators, and career services. Faculty members bring a wealth of real-world expertise from leading technology firms and esteemed academic institutions worldwide. OPIT’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to align with the evolving needs of high-tech industries, ensuring that graduates receive not only a top-tier education but also a clear pathway to professional success.

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About OPIT

OPIT’s mission is to unlock progress and employment on a global scale by providing high-quality and affordable education in the field of technology. OPIT is an EU-accredited online Higher Education Institution offering career-aligned degrees in technology disciplines across Computer Science, Digital Business, Data Science, AI, Cybersecurity, and more. The goal is to train and upskill the next generation of leaders in these fields. OPIT’s BSc and MSc Degrees are developed following a competence-based learning approach and taught in English by top international professors.knowledge of today’s Tech

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