Manchester Youth & TESCON Conference : “Striving to maintain NPP in power for Ghana’s prosperity”


In a momentous occasion, the inaugural New Patriotic Party’s Manchester Youth & TESCON Conference brought together young minds to shape the future of Ghana. Led by the dynamic youth organiser,Jeffrey Dasebre, the conference celebrated the remarkable growth of the youth wing from 13 to 97 members, a testament to their collective efforts and commitment.

With heartfelt gratitude, the Youth Organiser acknowledged the support of Dr. Bernard Amoako Baah and Chairman Louis Mensah, whose leadership and guidance have been invaluable. The conference was a culmination of their dedication and hard work, inspiring a new generation of leaders.

Since assuming his role, the Youth Organiser has mobilized the youth of Manchester, promoting the values of the NPP and supporting young Ghanaians in education, employment, and housing. However, their mission extends beyond these achievements, seeking to contribute to the nation-building process.

The conference was a call to action, urging young people to embrace their power and make a difference. As Kwame Nkrumah’s words resonated, “We face neither East nor West; we face forward,” the youth of Manchester stood united, ready to champion social justice, innovation, and prosperity for Ghana.

With their vote, voice, and legacy, they vowed to shape a brighter future, inspired by their leaders and driven by their passion. The future looks bright, and the Manchester Youth & TESCON Conference marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Ghana’s history.

Hon. Vincent Ekow Assafuah, Deputy Minister for Local Government and Decentralization, had the honour of representing Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Vice Presidential candidate, at the NPP Youth Conference in Manchester. The conference marked a significant moment for the party as they strive to break the eight-year electoral cycle and continue their mission of development for Ghana.

Assafuah emphasized the crucial role of youth participation in shaping the country’s future and praised the strong leadership of Dr. Bawumia, whose innovative ideas are driving Ghana’s growth and stability. He expressed his enthusiasm for the party’s continued efforts in mobilizing and empowering the youth to safeguard democracy and foster development.

With the combined leadership of Dr. Bawumia and Dr. Opoku Prempeh, and the unwavering support of the youth, the NPP is poised to lead Ghana into a new era of prosperity. The conference was a testament to the party’s commitment to the youth and their dedication to creating a brighter future for all Ghanaians. As Assafuah concluded, “ITISPOSSIBLE,” emphasizing the party’s determination to make a positive impact. The Manchester Youth Wing played a vital role in the conference, showcasing the party’s strength and unity.

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