Creative Arts Agency Engages Ghanaian Music Stakeholders on ‘Play Ghana Agenda’

The Creative Arts Agency convened a pivotal meeting on June 28, 2024, bringing together prominent figures from Ghana’s music industry to discuss the significant ‘Play Ghana Agenda’.


Led by Director General Gyankroma and Deputy Director Franky 5, the session included influential artist managers such as Gormi and Electro Mirror, representing Gyakie.


Central to the agenda was the proposed legislative initiative, currently under parliamentary review, aimed at advancing the interests of Ghanaian music on both local and global fronts. The gathering sparked animated discussions among attendees, focusing on strategies to elevate Ghanaian music onto the international stage.


Director General Gyankroma set the tone by highlighting the cultural richness inherent in Ghanaian music. She underscored the importance of strategic partnerships and investments in infrastructure to harness this cultural wealth while effectively advancing modern innovations.


Deputy Director Franky 5 echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the pivotal role of technology in contemporary music distribution and promotion. He advocated for leveraging digital platforms and social media to amplify the global reach of Ghanaian music, resonating strongly with the gathered artiste managers and highlighting the industry’s modern approach.


Gormi, a seasoned artiste manager and music distribution agent, contributed valuable insights from years of industry experience. His focus on artist development and strategic planning spurred a collective brainstorming session on nurturing emerging talent and ensuring sustainable growth within the industry, highlighting the industry’s forward-thinking approach.


Electro Mirror, representing Gyakie, provided a global perspective, stressing the urgency of exporting Ghanaian music through targeted international partnerships and strategic marketing initiatives. His proposal for dedicated music export strategies garnered enthusiastic support, reflecting a unified commitment to expanding Ghanaian music’s influence worldwide.


Throughout the meeting, a spirit of collaboration and optimism prevailed among participants. They acknowledged existing challenges while embracing the boundless potential for Ghanaian music to not just resonate, but to reverberate globally, inspiring hope and a sense of shared purpose.


Director General Gyankroma concluded the session by reaffirming the Creative Arts Agency’s unwavering and steadfast support for these initiatives. She expressed confidence that through collective effort and shared vision, Ghanaian music would not only flourish domestically but also captivate audiences across the globe, solidifying its place on the international stage and instilling a sense of reassurance and confidence in the audience.

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