Bolt Business launches Bolt Food For Business to help companies and employees seamlessly order meals and snacks


Bolt Business is launching food and grocery delivery services in Ghana to help companies and employees seamlessly order meals and snacks. From today, companies in Ghana and their employees, will be able to use the Bolt app for office kitchen stock-ups and meals for employees by seamlessly integrating ordering and payment with Bolt Business accounts and profiles.


Bolt Food for Business allows companies and employees to order office meals and snacks anytime and anywhere and charge the company. The new service addresses many business challenges, allowing custom meal allowances for employees, complete spend visibility, and choice from thousands of restaurants and stores. Bolt Food for Business offers a convenient postpaid model, enabling companies and employees to order office meals and snacks anytime and anywhere, with payment due at the end of the month.

Bolt Business Ghana Spokesperson, Baaba Hammond said,  “With the launch of Bolt Food for Business in Ghana, we aim to make it easier for businesses and their employees to use the Bolt Food app for business purposes. We look forward to giving companies in Ghana an effective way to reward employees, engage customers, and manage office expenses in line with modern trends. With simple invoicing and a lack of expense reports, the Office team gains time for more proactive and creative projects.”

Bolt Food for Business is another step Bolt is taking in providing companies with better and more affordable alternatives to each business use case — ride-hailing, and now food delivery. Bolt Business can help move employees away from private and company cars. Bolt Business, launched in 2018, makes using the Bolt app for business travel easier, offering ride-hailing. Bolt Business is available in over 40 markets, with over 30,000 companies using the service globally as of October 2023.

About Bolt

Bolt is a super-app with over 150 million customers in more than 45 countries and 500 cities across Europe and Africa (list of locations here). We offer a range of mobility products for different services and needs:


Bolt Food, delivering ready-made meals from restaurants

Bolt Business, our corporate mobility service

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