Uganda’s Iteso Cultural Union Head Emorimor Urges Prioritization of Cattle Rearing

A group photo of attendees from the Alumni Exhibition

By Richard Onapatum

Source: Africa Publicity

Serere, Eastern Uganda: In a compelling call to action, the Iteso Cultural Union Head, Papa Emorimor Paul Sande Etomeileng, has urged the Iteso community to embrace cattle keeping as a swift route to wealth.


Speaking at an inspiring Alumni Exhibition held at the Serere Country Resort, Emorimor emphasized the traditional significance and economic potential of cattle rearing for the Iteso people.


The event, hosted by Entrepreneurial Leadership Development (ELD) Executive Director John Kokas Oriokot, brought together a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs from Washington, US, local business leaders, and community stakeholders. The gathering aimed to share valuable experiences and insights on entrepreneurship’s pivotal role in driving economic growth and development.


Representing the Iteso Cultural Union, Deputy Minister of Information and National Guidance Ochoggia Abdallah conveyed Emorimor’s message, underscoring the chiefdom’s commitment to agricultural transformation. “Kipit kobar,” Abdallah quoted, translating to “rear an animal and be wealthy,” a sentiment that resonates deeply within the Iteso culture.



Emorimor’s leadership is focused on changing the mindset of his subjects, advocating for agriculture, particularly cattle keeping, as a means to prosperity.



The panel discussion featured distinguished entrepreneurs and business leaders, including Dr. Peter Emmanuel Eriaku, Director of Animal Resources.



Dr. Eriaku provided valuable insights on protecting land and optimizing its use for agricultural development, with a special emphasis on animal rearing.



Hon. Obilan, Director of AMDEF, highlighted the opportunities presented by cooperative societies, drawing parallels with successful practices in the Arab world.



He emphasized the benefits of organized efforts in rearing sheep, goats, and cattle, urging the Iteso to consider these models for enhancing productivity and economic stability.



The event also included international perspectives on cooperative societies from experts based in Washington, offering a global context to local entrepreneurial endeavours.



Hon. Obilan stressed the importance of respected leaders in Teso participating in such discussions, as their unique perspectives and experiences are invaluable to aspiring entrepreneurs.



Certificates of excellence were awarded to model farmers from Teso and Busoga, recognizing their exemplary contributions to agricultural development.



The ceremony celebrated their achievements and reinforced the message that agriculture, especially animal rearing, holds the key to economic prosperity for the Iteso community.


The Alumni Exhibition at Serere Country Resort not only inspired attendees but also reinforced the cultural and economic significance of cattle keeping, echoing Emorimor’s vision of a prosperous and self-sustaining Iteso community.

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