Taxi Driver Dies In Hotel Room In Ghana After Leaving His Wife To Meet Sidechick


A married taxi driver died in a hotel room in a hotel room in Ghana after leaving his wife home to meet his sidechick.

The driver, Akwasi Yeboah, aged 30, died at the Happy Guest House in Kasoa Akweley in the Central Region while he was with his sidechick.

Yeboah was reportedly a resident of Suhum, a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

He left Suhum to travel to Kasoa Akweley in his taxi to meet his sidechick, a corn dough seller. They had reportedly been in a relationship for some time, but had not had sex and his girlfriend finally gave in, telling Yeboah to do whatever he wanted with her. In preparation for their sexual encounter, Yeboah allegedly took some medications and consumed alcohol.

Yeboah then allegedly deceived his wife by claiming he had a job to attend to, leading to a heated argument at home, where Yeboah overpowered his wife, locked her and their children inside, and then left to meet his girlfriend.

But while with his sidechick at the Happy Guest House, he suddenly became unresponsive. His girlfriend who has since gone into hidden, said his eyes stiffened, and he collapsed. She then called for help from the hotel staff and the management attempted to revive him by pouring water on him, which briefly worked as he momentarily regained consciousness. He was then rushed to King George Hospital in Akweley where he was placed on oxygen, but despite the medical team’s efforts, he was pronounced dead.

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