South Africans petition Parliament to remove DA member Renaldo Gouws over racist remarks

A petition has been established to urge the South African Parliament to reconsider the membership of Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor Renaldo Gouws, following the resurfacing of videos created in 2008 and 2009 showing racially charged comments by Gouws who is now a DA Member of Parliament (MP).

The petition, demanding Gouws’ removal, has amassed over 15,000 signatures since its inception on June 16, 2024.

Gouws, known for his outspoken YouTube channel with 128,000 subscribers, has come under fire for videos made in 2008 and 2009. In these videos, he reacts to the “Kill the Boer” song used by EFF leader Julius Malema and his party. Although Gouws has expressed regret for his “colourful language,” critics argue that his rhetoric remains harmful and divisive.

Kimberly Jones, who started the petition, highlighted the need for unity and inclusivity in South Africa.

“His public utterances, filled with threats and racially charged comments, are a direct affront to our democratic values and the harmony of our diverse society,” she stated.

The videos in question show Gouws’ vehement opposition to the “Kill the Boer” song, which he claims justified his extreme reactions.

“I do regret using such colourful language,” Gouws said in a 2020 statement to Herald Live, “but I suppose it was the sheer frustration of having to listen to Zuma and Malema singing the song.”

Gouws, at the time, maintained that the videos were edited to portray him in negative light, with then DA national spokesperson, Solly Malatsi, reiterating that Gouws’ views were his own and not representative of the party.

Twitter user Kwena Molekwa shared the petition, commenting: “Help South Africa remove Cape independent member and Racist DA member of Parliament Renaldo Gouws! Renaldo is a Racist.”

Sharing the video in question, Rahul SA commented: “Yoh! This Renaldo Gouws guy, DA MP, is a racist on steroids! According to this deranged epitome of vulgarity, Apartheid was better. This guy is a cesspool of hate. Cringe warning.”

source : IOL

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