Married Female School Staff Arrested for having sex with their students, Facebook 25 years in jail

Railey Greeson and Brooklyn Shuler

Two married women who are former staff of the Calhoun City School District, USA have been indicted and arrested for allegedly having sex with their students.

Railey Greeson and Brooklyn Shuler, were indicted last week Thursday by a Gordon County Grand Jury on three counts of sexual contact by an employee or agent in the 1st degree.

The two who call themselves best friends and both played important roles in each others’ weddings, are now facing at least 25 years in jail or a fine of up to $100,000.

The first two counts of the indictment alleges that Greeson had sex with two different male students while employed by the school district. Count 3 was against Shuler aged 23, who is accused of having sexual intercourse with one male student.

The jury claims the women ‘reasonably should have known’ all three of their alleged victims were enrolled as students at the time they were said to have engaged in sexual acts with them.

The indictment doesn’t reveal the students’ ages or which schools they were enrolled in at the time of the alleged sexual crimes against them.

The Gordon Gazette reports that the two women were arrested and booked at the Gordon County Jail, where they were later released on bond.

Greeson and Shuler allegedly had sex with these students at some point between October 29, 2021, and January 3, 2022, which happened before their marriages, the report adds.

Shuler got married first in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, on November 12, 2022, while
Greeson wed in Tennessee roughly a year after Shuler on October 7, 2023.

Shuler named Greeson as her maid of honor, describing her as her ‘best friend’ and her ‘ride or die’.

If convicted, Greeson and Shuler could face one to 25 years in prison or a fine of up to $100,000.

If sodomy was involved in the alleged sex acts with the boys, the women could face up to 50 years behind bars.

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