2 Boys Aged 12 Becomes Britain’s Youngest Killers After Stabbing Eye Surgery Patient To Death

Shawn Seesahai (left) the long knives on a bed and one of the 12-year-old killers (right)

Source: Africa Publicity

Two boys in the UK, both of them aged 12, are now Britain’s youngest killers after they stabbed 19-year-old Shawn Seesahai to death, using a 16-inch knife.

Local media reports say Seesahai had visited the UK for eye surgery after suffering a basketball injury but was stabbed to death by the two boys.

But he was ruthlessly attacked by the two boys and killed at a park in Wolverhampton in November 2023.

A report by Daily Mail says the two boys could not be named because of legal reasons.

An image retrieved from the phone of one of the attackers showing long knives and swords on a bed of one of the two boys.

Another image showed one of the 12-year-old boys posing with 16-inch knife tucked into his trousers just hours before he and his friend stabbed Seesahai to death.

Britain’s youngest killers until the 12-year old boys allegedly murdered Shawn Seesahai, wereVenables and Thompson attacked James Bulger

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