Nigeria Presidency Spends N244 Million or Roughly $159,000 on tyres in Just One Day – Report


Source: Africa Publicity

A new investigative report has revealed how the Nigerian Presidency, Aso Rock, blew a whopping N244,654,350 or roughly $159,000 on just buying and supplying car tyres in just a single day.

Daily Post first reported about the tyres purchase, citing data from GovSpend, a portal documenting the Nigerian Presidency expenditures.

According to the report, the State House of Nigeria made payments for an unspecified quantity of bulletproof tyres and Westlake tyres during the week marking President Ahmed Tinubu’s first year in office.

The report said documents revealed that on May 21, 2024, payments of N200,583,390, N38,070,000 and N6,000,960 were made for the tyres.

According to the documents, two separate payments were made for the purchase and supply of tyres for bulletproof vehicles and another five armored bulletproof tyres to Obi-Wealth Enterprises Nigeria Limited for the sums of N200,583,390, and N38,070,000.

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