Lvovo Glad to Be Back in Studio After 2022 Stroke, Set to Release Comeback Track ‘Aba Understandi’

Durban Kwaito star Lvovo Derrango has returned to making music in the studio. The star had taken a break from making music after he suffered a stroke in 2022.

Lvovo Derrango will be releasing new music after his year-long hiatus. December 2022 was a devastating time for the star after he was hit with a stroke and lost his mobility. The Bayng’sukela singer has found his groove again and is working in the studio. According to TshisaLIVE, Lvovo adhered to the doctor’s orders and made a recovery.

When he stepped into the studio for the first time this week, Lvovo said he was overcome with an incredible feeling of gratitude. He also mentioned that the producer he worked with was tolerant.

Lvovo to release comeback song The star will release his first single since the ordeal, Aba Understandi. The star mentioned that he is not fully there in his recovery journey yet, so he is still taking it easy. “It was good back again recording, though I wasn’t 100% fit, but knowing I can still do music is a blessing. I’m still taking it easy — the song I recorded is Aba Understandi, which will be my comeback single.”

Lvovo goes back to stage performances In a previous report from Briefly News, Kwaito star L’vovo Derrango is booked and busy. Returning to the stage inspired him, and the love he received inspired him to keep going. L’vovo said he was overjoyed by the warm reception he received from his fans, adding that it touched him a lot. The singer was quoted saying “I missed performing, and getting a warm reception from the audience who love my music was amazing. But I am also taking my recovery one day at a time.”

Source : Briefly

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