How Gossip Led 2 Lovers To Stab Each Other In Ghana, Leaving one of them dead

The two lovers who stabbed each other in Kasoa, Ghana


A Ghanaian lady has died after she stabbed her boyfriend in the back and he retaliated, stabbing her multiple times in the chest. But the unfortunate incident could have probably been avoided if not because of gossip by the deceased’s friend who reportedly phoned her to say her boyfriend had entered his room with another girl in her absence.

What really happened?

As Africa Publicity earlier reported, two lovers allegedly stabbed each other with knife in Ghana, leading one of them dead in the process.

One of the lovers, a 27-old man named Justice, was reportedly in critical condition as at the time we filed our earlier story. He reportedly stabbed his girlfriend to death after she initially stabbed him in the back.

The incident happened at Kasoa Adam Nana in the Awutu Senya East Municipality of the Central Region.

Justice’s girlfriend, believed to be a level 200 university student, reportedly stabbed him first and he retaliated, leading to her death.

According to police in the area who are investigating the matter, the deadly fight between the lovers happened after Justice’s late girlfriend’s friend called to inform her that Justice had brought another woman home.

Upon hearing that Justice had brought another girlfriend home, the lady who passed took a knife and hurriedly went to his house on a motorbike and stabbed him immediately he opened the door.

She reportedly stabbed Justice in the back and in retaliation, he stabbed her several times in the chest.

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