Fishermen Save 38 exhausted and struggling dogs from drowning in Mississippi Lake

Bob Gist and his friend in their boat with the rescued dogs

Source: Africa Publicity

A group of fishmen in the US has saved 38 exhausted and struggling dogs from drowning in the Mississippi Grenada Lake.

The dogs were chasing a deer when they fell into the Lake, according to multiple local media reports which cited the fishermen.

One of the fishermen who was fishing on the Lake, Bob Gist, reportedly said they knew the dog had no chance to survive nor catch the deer had they not seen them.

He said “A deer can swim the Mississippi River, and those dogs are not going to catch a deer in the water.”

The fishermen said the dogs were going to survive either, the reason why they took step to save them.

Gist, an insurance agent from Jonesboro, Arkansas, along with friend Brad Carlisle and guide Jordan Chrestman, reportedly headed over in their boat to save the dogs.

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