Ghanaian Actress Fella Makafui’s Cover-Up: Deletes Videos from “The Spice Heaven” Instagram Page

In a shocking move, social media influencer and actress Fella Makafui has frantically scrubbed her “The Spice Heaven” Instagram page clean of all videos, fueling speculation of a desperate attempt to conceal evidence. This sudden purge comes on the heels of her arrest by the police, following a thorough investigation led by Akwasi Koranteng, the lead investigator of iSPYGH 247.


Akwasi Koranteng’s tireless efforts exposed Fella’s illicit activities, including peddling unapproved drugs, false advertisements, and sharing adverts without approval of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

The police arrest marked a significant milestone in the case, and Fella’s subsequent actions have only raised more eyebrows.

By deleting the videos, Fella appears to leave observers to question her motive; is it an attempt to erase traces of her wrongdoing, or a tacit act of admission of wrongdoing? Whatever it is, it remains to be seen if this move will be enough to evade the rod of justice.

Her manager’s earlier denial of the arrest did not only add to the intrigue, but the deletion of the videos now heightens the plot to speculations of a cover-up.

Desperation may lead to various reactionary acts but will it be enough to conceal the truth, or they may lead to further discoveries that further the course of justice? The coming days will reveal all. Stay tuned for further updates on this gripping saga.

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