Bullet has mentioned that there are still matters to be resolved between him and Wendy Shay.

Bullet, the famous Ghanaian music producer and artiste manager, whose professional name is Ricky Nana Agyeman, has publicly addressed his current challenges with artiste Wendy Shay, verifying her exit from his management.

Bullet, speaking openly on Accra FM, clarified that there are lingering issues between himself, Rufftown Records, and Wendy Shay. Despite efforts to mend their relationship, they have not been able to come to terms.

He emphasized that their discord is authentic, not a publicity stunt, highlighting his stance as a respected producer who steers clear of unnecessary hype. Bullet acknowledged that conflicts are natural in relationships and assured that they are committed to resolving their differences.

However, Bullet remained reticent about the specific reasons behind their conflict. He further described it as a minor issue close to resolution, especially with the involvement of Wendy Shay’s mother, who has returned from America to mediate.

Although the ‘Masakra’ hitmaker is no longer under Bullet’s professional guidance, he expressed a willingness to maintain a positive relationship with her.

Bullet has since moved forward with his label, Rufftown Records, which now features two new artists: Kiki Marley and Baba Tunde.

Source :Ameyawdebrah.com

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