8-year-boy allegedly shot dead by his dad who was trying to kill his mother

Amir Harden

Source: Africa Publicity

An eight-year-old boy named Amir Harden, has reportedly been shot dead by his father in the United StatesAmir was reportedly trying to protect his mother from being shot by his father when he (father) rather shot him dead in the process.


The tragic incident is alleged to have happened at their home in Burnsville, Minnesota, USA.


Amir’s mother, Cherish Edwards wrote on a GoFundMe page that her son trying to protect her when he was fatally shot.

Cherish Edwards and Amir Harden’s father

In her post, Edwards said “His father tried to shoot and kill me but my son was shot instead.”


She added: “Amir tried wrestling the gun out of his father hand. I screamed for him to leave and go to the neighbors, he refused and said “mommy, I am not leaving you here.”


She added that her husband then “shot himself in the head after accidentally shooting Amir.”

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