2 Women Beat 63-year-old man to death for refusing to have sex with them at cemetery in Russia

Suspects Rosa and Martha with Russian police

Source: Africa Publicity

Two women have been arrested in Russia for allegedly beating a 63-year-old man to death after he refused to have sex with them at a cemetery.

The suspects named Martha 37, and Rosa, 29, have been remanded in custody for two months over the death of the 63-year-old man named Alexander.

Local Russian media reports say the two women were drinking with Alexander in a churchyard in Stavropol before they allegedly attacked and killed him for refusing to do thresome with them.

Pictures shared by Russian media outlets showed the two women and police officers at the alleged crime scene in the forest, with a male body on the ground purportedly being that of Alex.

According to reports, Russian law enforcement officers stated that the two women knew Alex.

Reports say after demanding to have sex with the victim and he refused, an argument ensued.

In the course of the argument, Russia’s Investigative Committee, according to reports, said the women gave Alex multiple blows with their “fists and feets to his head and torso.”

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