11-year-old Girl dies from allergic reaction after eating pizza at school

Emerson Kate Cole and her dad

Source: Africa Publicity

An 11-year-old schoolgirl named Emerson Kate Cole, has died from an allergic reaction after eating pizza at a school in Texas, United States of America.

The deceased was reportedly a student at Lorenzo de Zavala Middle School in La Joya, Texas when she fell sick after having an allergic reaction in January 2023. Details about her death have only started emerging in the media.

Reports say after she fell ill, she was taken to nurse’s office at the school, but according to court documents, the nurse was not around.

Accordingly, the school called her mother to ask whether they could give her Benadryl, to which her mother agreed.

Reports say the little girl threw up the medicine, adding that by the time her grandmother arrived at the school, she collapsed. She was reportedly given CPR by her worried family member until paramedics arrived, and she was taken to hospital.

Reports say after a few days, she died in hospital, revealing that because she had a dairy allergy, she had a 504 plan with the Amarillo Independent School District, which offered members of staff a guide on how to respond in the event of an allergic reaction.

A report by NBC Montana indicate that the 504 plan required school staff to administer epinephrine, call 911 and notify the child’s parents.

Her family has therefore reportedly sued the school, claiming her death could have been prevented had staff at the school followed her medical plan.

Kate’s family in their lawsuit included a statement from Dr Marc Serota who indicated that with proper care, she would not have died.

Dr. Serota was quoted in the suit as saying: “Had she received prompt administration of epinephrine when she initially presented with her symptoms, (Cole) would, more likely than not, be with us today.”

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