Perennial flooding: Angry residents of Dome Parakou block main road after downpour

Angry residents around the Dome Parakou Estate Junction blocked the major stretch to protest the poor drainage system constructed some months ago.

According to the residents, the construction was poorly done leaving them vulnerable anytime it rains.

The residents say the poor construction makes their rooms get flooded and properties destroyed anytime there is heavy rainfall.

“It was around 3:30 am that the rain started and the rainwaters came and flooded everywhere. I am a mechanic and I am lucky that there were no cars here when the flood came else it would have spoilt them.

“The contractor working on the bridge is to blame. The bridge is too small, he should have raised it and so we are begging the government to let him raise the bridge just like it has been done at Alajo and Achimota,” a resident, Enoch Sarpei told Channel One TV‘s Samuel Ackom

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) Municipal Director for Ga East, Seth Kofi Osei Kissi said education has intensified for the people to move away from there which they have persistently resisted.

“I had a distress call around 5:30 am that residents of Christian Village, a community at the boundary between Dome-Kwabenya and Okaikoi North have blocked the road with containers and barrels and cars were not moving meanwhile that place is a busy point and so there was heavy traffic there in the morning. It took the intervention of one NADMO man who engaged the people before they could move things and allow traffic to follow.

“We have gone there to educate them that the rains will be heavy this year and so they should move away from there because when it rains, it floods there up to window level but they are still living there.”

Source : Citi Newsroom

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