Lassie Tuolu SHS receives support from 2005 year group following fire incident



Lassie Tuolu Senior High School, located in the Wechau district of the Upper West Region, recently faced a devastating fire incident that ravaged its multipurpose hall. The hall served as the school’s dining hall, church, assembly, and exam hall, and its loss has left the school community in a state of urgency to rebuild and recover.


In a commendable display of solidarity and support, the 2005 year batch of Lassie Tuolu Senior High School has stepped up to assist their alma mater in this time of need. The 2005 year batch mobilized a total of 15,000 Ghanaian cedis to aid the school in addressing its immediate needs.

Representatives from the 2005 year group presented the donation to the headmaster and other staff members of Lassie Tuolu Senior High School. This timely assistance will greatly aid the school as it works to provide for its students, particularly the final year students who are currently preparing for their exams.

The disaster committee,staff, students along with the headmaster of the school, extended their heartfelt gratitude to the 2005 year batch for their generous contribution during this challenging time. They also appealed to other year groups to take cues from the 2005 year batch and come forward to support the school in its time of need.

This support serves as a testament to the strong impact the school has had on the lives of its many students who have completed their education there, inspiring them to give back in whatever little way possible as a way of showing their appreciation.

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