German Police Shoot Ax-wielding Man Ahead of Euro 2024 Game Between Netherlands and Poland

The scene where the shooting incident took place

Source: Africa Publicity

Police in Germany have confirmed shooting a man who was wielding an ax on a street crowded with soccer fans.

The incident took place in Hamburg before the match between Netherlands and Poland. The incident specifically took place in Hamburg’s entertainment district, a section of the city known as the Reeperbahn that is filled with restaurants and bars. At the time, the area was packed with thousands of fans who had arrived to see the Netherlands play Poland on Sunday afternoon.

A German Police spokesperson said on Sunday that the man threatened police officers with “a pickax and an incendiary device.”

According to the Police, he was warned but he refused to listen to warnings, leading to him being shot.

The Police said the man came out of a small restaurant with a small, double-bladed ax and a firebomb and threatened officers nearby.

Police said he was injured and being treated, confirming that no fans or Police officer was injured.

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