Chris Brown Charged Fans $1k For Meet-and-Greet Photos, Got Too Handsy With Several Women

Chris Brown and his fans pose at the meet and greet session

Source: Africa Publicity

American RnB singer, Chris Brown, is being dragged online for charging his fans $1,111 for his meet and greet, and getting too handsy with multiple women in the process.

Chris Brown is on a tour with fellow musician, Lil Baby, to promote his new album, ’11:11.’

But pictures of him being so cozy with his female fans, striking so many sensual posts, have gone viral and his critics are up in arms, condemning him for being too touchy.

The raunchy meet and greet session took place after the first show of Chris Brown’s 11:11 tour in Detroit started on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

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