Cheating husband sues Apple for £5m after wife finds ‘deleted’ messages he sent to sex workers

Source: Africa Publicity

A cheating British husband is reportedly planning to sue Apple for £5 million after his wife found messages he sent to sex workers even though he had deleted them from his device. 

Multiple British media reports indicate that the discovery of the messages caused his marriage to end up in a divorce and he is now seeking legal services from London law firm, Rosenblatt to take legal action against Apple.

A report by The Sun indicated that the middle-aged dad was caught out when his liaisons were exposed through iMessages.

His wife, The Sun reported, clicked on the same app on the family’s iMac and found his last text.

Reports say she then discovered supposedly deleted messages stretching back to several years, and filed for divorce within a month.

The husband said to be a businessman hasn’t been named for legal reasons. But he is living in England per The Sun report.

Reports say he is suing Apple to recover cash he lost in the separation in addition to legal costs, arguing Apple does not make it clear iMessages can be seen on linked devices.

He is reported to have told The Times: “It’s all very painful. It was a very brutal way of finding out for my wife.”

The cheating husband was quoted by The Sun as saying: “My thoughts are, if I had been able to talk to her rationally and she had not had such a brutal realisation of it, I might still be married.”

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