Brazilian influencer dies from heart attack after surgery to increase her buttocks went wrong

Aline Ferreira

Source: Africa Publicity

A popular Brazilian influencer, Aline Ferreira, has died from heart attack, nine days after a surgery to increase her buttocks went wrong.

Ferreira, aged 33, was known for sharing tips on fashion and travel on her social media platform.

The mother-of-two Brazilian influencer and mother-of-two, died Tuesday at a hospital in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

She reportedly underwent a butt lift procedure on June 23, 2024 that was carried out by a biomedical scientist at a clinic that was not licensed to perform such operation.

Aline Ferreira

Accordingly, she was feeling well and went home following her butt lift procedure on June 23, but her medical condition worsened in the following days. She reportedly went into cardiac arrest on Friday and Sunday before she died Tuesday.

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