Commercial Bus Kills 3 Roadside Traders At Mallam Junction in Ghana following brake failure


Source: Africa Publicity

Three roadside traders have died in a car accident at Mallam Junction in Accra, Ghana.

The deaths occurred after the driver of a commercial bus, known locally in Ghana as Trotro, lost control of his vehicle and veered into traders selling along the shoulders of the road.

The bus was traveling from Gbawe Zero, a suburb of Accra, when its brake reportedly failed.

Following the brake failure, the driver lost control of the bus which has a registration number of AS 4719-18.

Some traders who noticed the car losing control early, managed to escape but the three unfortunately lost their lives.

According to eyewitnesses, the three traders who died were trapped under the bus, with rescuers doing everything to safe them but yet they died from the injuries.

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