K.O Believes There Is Still a Chance SA Hip Hop Can Be Saved: “We Need to Be Persistent With Hits”

Rapper K.O has a firm belief that South African hip hop can be resurrected to its former glory The rapper claimed that musicians need to be persistent with releasing songs, but they need to be hits

While some might have given up on the South African hip hop genre, rapper K.O believes there is still a chance for the genre to make a comeback and return to the top.

There was a time when SA hip hop was arguably the biggest genre in Mzansi. This is because the music that was being released topped the charts, dominated the radio airwaves, and made people dance in the clubs.

With the introduction of Amapiano and some rappers jumping ship, the genre took quite a knock.

Rapper K.O has shared his opinion on how the genre can be resurrected to its former glory. K.O believes consistency is key The rapper took to X to share his views on achieving this. The Caracara hitmaker claimed that musicians need to prioritise consistency when releasing music. But the star clarified that the songs must be hit songs and that rappers should not be afraid to fail. “SA hip hop, we definitely still have a shot. We just need to be persistent with the music. Hits, to be specific! One decent song here and there won’t cut it if we wanna get back hot. You got what it takes; don’t be scared to fail. The game only rewards consistency.”

In a previous report from Briefly News, Anele Zondo shared why her music video with Nadia Nakai for their song Thick Slim never saw the light of day. The expecting told SlikourOnLife on his podcast that their music video wasn’t released because of the death of AKA. The rapper told Briefly News that she and Nadia have yet to discuss whether to release the music video now.

Source : Briefly

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