Giant Snake Eats 50 Years Old Woman Alive, Horrying scenes as villagers cut python’s belly to pull her body out

A photo collage of the villagers conveying Farida’s body and the giant python (right)

Source: Africa Publicity

A 50 year-old woman named Farida has reportedly been eaten alive by a giant python in the village of Kalempang in the Pitu Riawa District of Indonesia.

Horrifying scenes show the moment villagers cut open the stomach of the snake to pull out the lifeless body of Farida.

The villagers sliced the python open with a machete to pull out Farida’s fully clothed body, according to local media reports.

According to reports, the snake plunged its teeth into her leg as it coiled around her body and suffocated her before swallowing her head first.

Reports indicated that Farida’s 55 years old husband, Noni, got worried when she did not return home by night-time and informed other villagers who started searching for her.

The villagers reportedly found the 20ft long python sprawled out in the undergrowth next day, with a large bulge in its stomach.

The giant snake

Suspicious, the villagers and Farida’s husband sliced open the python with a machete, discovering Farida entombed inside the belly of the snake covered in slime.

The villagers, after pulling out Farida, used a blanket to cover body in order to preserve her dignity.

After being removed from the snake’s belly, Farida’s body was taken away for a religious burial in the Pitu Riawa District of Sidrap Regency, South Sulawesi Province.

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