Master KG Says Nkosazana Daughter Is His Family After Dating Rumours, SA Doubts Denial

Master KG and Nkosazana’s Daughter put rumours about their relationship to rest. Nkosazana Daughter was the first to let people know she has nothing going on with producer Master KG.

Master KG also recently let people know how the rumours about him and Nkosazana Daughter have affected him. Both musicians have made it clear that they are not romantically attached.

Master KG explains Nkosazana Daughter bond .Master KG, feels that claims that he is dating Nkosazana Daughter reflect badly on his work ethic. He said: We have a good working chemistry, that’s all, and I take Nkosazana Daughter like a sister. May this be the last time I talk about her in such a story, like we have good music to record. We come [too] far in music to let such claims prosper.” Master KG emphasised that he never gave fans reasons to believe he and Nkosazana are more than work partners. The producer said social media users were jumping to conclusions.

Despite both musicians’ denial, many netizens remained unconvinced, alleging that the Jerusalema hitmaker once said his ex Makhadzi was like a relative to him. Some fans defended Master KG and Nkoszana, saying that fans should mind their own business.

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