Will Londie London show up on the Ultimate Girls Trip?

Where is Londie London? It has been five weeks since fans have been waiting to see Londiwe “Londie London” Zulu to appear on their TV screens for the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.


The Real Housewives franchise brought together its iconic members to go on a girls trip in Jamaica.


The cast for the Jamaica trip includes Beverley Steyn, Christall Kay, Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Chonco, Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho, Liz Prins, Melany Viljoen and Nonku Williams.


Since the show aired, we have seen nothing but drama from the ladies.


However, fans were expecting to see one of their favourites, Londie.


Thus far, Londie London, has been a no show with fans speculating about her whereabouts.


According to Lethabo Lejoy Mathato, she was last seen at the airport.


“The person who dropped me off told me that they had seen Londie at the airport in terminal A with a bag and she looked like she was travelling, so we just assumed that she would be part of the cast, so when I did not see her in Jamaica, I was surprised,” she said.


Beverly Steyn said it was concerning that Londie has not been seen for five episodes of the girls trip and there were alot of rumours going around about her being a no show.


Christall added: “Londie not being in Jamaica five episodes in made me think that she was on another show or had another assignment to complete before getting to Jamaica.


“Because she has millions of followers, I just thought she was using that to be a diva and that p***ed me off.”


Liz Prins also added her voice.


“Londie London has still not arrived and we have been here for five days already. I think she is on a cruise from the Durban Port to the Caribbean.”


Even though fans hoped to see Londie from the first episode, the ladies shared that the musician and mother would be making an appearance soon and it is all worth the wait as she brings the heat along with more drama.


Source: IOL

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