Rolling Stone Africa Launches in Nigeria with headquarters in Lagos

Rolling Stone, the award-winning global authority on music, politics and more, is proud to announce the launch of Rolling Stone Africa in partnership with MWANKOM Group, a platform dedicated to championing quality Afro content. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Rolling Stone expands its footprint in Africa with a commitment to celebrating the exceptional voices and impacting and shaping culture right now.

“Expanding Rolling Stone’s presence in Africa has been a long-term goal of ours. We’re thrilled that our platform can be part of the rich music scene, culture and stories that define the continent,” says Gus Wenner, CEO of Rolling Stone. “We look forward to working with MWANKOM and fostering global connections through the universal language of music.” 

MWANKOM stands as a platform that embodies the extraordinary and enriching voice of Africa and its global diaspora. Our mission is to intricately explore the crossroads of culture, business, technology, and media, offering insightful analysis, engaging commentary, and exclusive interviews with industry leaders. MWANKOM is dedicated to becoming a leading provider of quality content championing Afro content and culture across the diaspora.  

Rolling Stone is renowned for its deep insights and fearless editorial stance in coverage of music, politics, entertainment, and popular culture. MWANKOM is poised to align and support the Rolling Stone mission by offering inclusive coverage of the same integrity across Africa’s culture, business, and technology landscape. 

“Rooted in a rich multicultural heritage, our journey has been defined by a strong commitment to collaborating with trailblazing entrepreneurs from Africa and its global diaspora across various sectors,” says D. Romuald Bellegarde-Smeralda, CEO & Founder of MWANKOM. “This passion propels us to forge meaningful partnerships and transform remarkable visions into reality. Our partnership with Rolling Stone is one such example, and a recognition of the influence of Afro-Culture today. With well over 1 billion people, and a global diaspora of over 500 million; including a large percentage between the ages of 18-30 years old, we understand the task as Rolling Stone Africa, a team of young and accomplished professionals all originating from the continent, to represent such diversity. We look forward to connecting those success stories from Africa with the rest of the world via the Rolling Stone Africa brand.”

MWANKOM’s diverse content portfolio reflects the multifaceted Afro experience and endeavours to elevate and celebrate Afro stories in a way that resonates with audiences worldwide. MWANKOM’s ultimate objective is positively impacting Africa by supporting educational projects and young entrepreneurs leveraging the global Afro diaspora. 

MWANKOM’s headquarters will be based in Lagos, Nigeria, where the majority of the Rolling Stone Africa team will operate from. Rolling Stone Africa is set to launch its digital edition on July 1st, featuring an exclusive cover story with a yet-to-be-revealed trailblazer from the continent.

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Nicole Asinugo as our Editor-in-Chief. A Nigerian managing editor, screenwriter, producer, and storyteller, Nicole brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the African narrative to Rolling Stone Africa.

Additionally, we are in the process of filling other senior positions to further strengthen our team. 

Source : Ameyawdebrah

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