Real Madrid Reject FIFA €20 Million Participation Fee For Clubs World Cup, Say Amount Too Small

Carlo Ancelotti

Source: Africa Publicity

Real Madrid will not accept FIFA’s invitation to the Clubs’ World Cup, coach Carlo Ancelotti, has disclosed.

He cited the €20 million participation fee for the Clubs’ World Cup as the reason why Real Madrid, the reigning European and Spanish Champions, will decline to participate.

According to him, the €20 million participation fee is too small for a club like Madrid.

He “Real Madrid will reject FIFA’s invitation to the Clubs’ World Cup.”

According to Ancelotti, “a single Real Madrid match is worth €20 million and FIFA wants to give us that amount for the entire tournament”

He added: “We will decline the invitation.”

“We will reject the invitation, other Clubs will do same,” he stressed.

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