St. Roses Senior High School Parents’ Association Chairman Responds to Online Publication

Rev. Eddie Eyison


Rev. Eddie Eyison, Chairman of the Parents’ Association (PA) at St. Roses Senior High School and a prominent figure serving as Senior Pastor at Royalhouse Chapel and National Treasurer for the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), has addressed a recent online publication by Maxwell Maundy.


Rev. Eyison expresses concern that Mr. Maundy’s article overlooks the positive contributions of the PA toward supporting both the government and the school. He further highlights that the author did not reach out to the PA for comment before publishing the piece, which three parents reportedly backed.

While acknowledging the efforts of the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the government, Rev. Eyison emphasizes the PA’s continued commitment to providing additional support. He clarifies that the PA’s actions are guided by established procedures and in no way intended to damage the reputation of the government or the school.

“We urge the author to prioritize fact-checking before publishing future articles,” Rev. Eyison states.

He reassures parents about their children’s well-being, and that as always there will be inclusiveness and concensus building for every decision or actions to be taken in support of the training of students at Saint Rose’s SHS. He reiterates the PA’s dedication to collaborating with the government and schools to elevate educational standards. Rev. Eyison concludes by urging all leaders to uphold their responsibilities for the entrusted positions they hold.

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