Ivorian Police Kill 3 Armed Robbers Who Were Robbing A Gas Station

The scene of the robbery incident

Source: Africa Publicity

Police in Ivory Coast have shot and killed three armed robbers who were allegedly robbing a gas station.

The incident happened on Saturday, June 22, 2024 in Grand Bassam, a city about an hour away from Cote D’Ivoire’s capital, Abidjan.

A rapid response from the police in Grand Bassam foiled the robbery around 8pm.

Customers were at the station to fuel their cars when the armed robbers showed up and attempted to rob.

The police were alerted by people who were at the gas station and they swiftly went in to stop the robbery, leading to an exchange gunfire and the death of the robbers.

Police subsequently launched a search operation to ensure that there were no accomplices in the area where the station is located.

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