Cee Levelz Unveils Latest Single ‘Commotion’ from Acclaimed EP ‘Inside Me’

Afrobeat sensation Cee Levelz has dropped his latest single ‘Commotion’ from his widely-praised EP ‘Inside Me: A Journey of Hits,’ a musical voyage that will engage and excite fans and critics alike.


Since its release on March 23, 2024, ‘Inside Me’ has been a resounding success in the Afrobeat genre. It features standout tracks such as ‘Medaase,’ ‘Mon Babe,‘ ‘My Money,‘ ‘Ghana Jollof,‘ ‘Day One,‘ and ‘Low Tempo.‘ The EP has not only received enthusiastic reviews but has also gained significant popularity across major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.


“Commotion“ comes with a visually stunning music video, continuing Cee Levelz’s trend of delivering high-quality visuals that complement his music. Previous releases like “Mon Babe,” “Confused Low,“ and “Low Tempo“ have also been warmly received by fans and critics alike.


Born Ebenezer Quayson in Takoradi, Ghana, Cee Levelz signed with Delmi Media and Entertainment in July 2022, marking the beginning of his meteoric rise in the music industry. Known for his powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics, Cee Levelz has been making waves not only in Ghana but throughout Africa and internationally, a source of pride for his global fanbase.


His diverse musical style, a unique blend of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and R&B influences, has not only contributed to his growing fanbase across Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Canada, and France, but also sparked intrigue and excitement among music enthusiasts worldwide.


Source: News Ghana

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