Body Parts of 41-year-old missing mother found in 14-foot-long alligator

A photo collage of the victim Sabrina Peckham and the alligator

Source: Africa Publicity

The body parts of a 41-year-old mum who was said to be homeless in the US, have been found in the stomach of a killer 14-foot-long alligator.

The alligator, according to local media reports, was captured in Largo, Florida. Reports say the alligator was later shot dead by police.

The victim named Sabrina Peckham, was said to be a homeless woman who bad been living at a makeshift campsite less than 50ft away from the canal in Pinellas County.

Reports say family her had last seen her a day before the alligator attack in September.

Officials cut opened tha alligator – which measured 13 feet and 9.5 inches – to find Sabrina’s body parts inside, according to reports.

Police body camera footage released, shows the moment the alligator is captured.

The footage from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows those first on the scene arrive at a canal in Largo, Florida. Reports say sensing its threat, they quickly shot the alligator dead with a rifle.

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