Big Twins Cultural Ensemble Shines at Afro Root Carnival in Brazil

The Big Twins Cultural Music and Dance Ensemble, led by the talented twins Mohammed Fuseini, recently captivated audiences at the Reconnecting Afro Root Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, this February.


The ensemble, comprising 25 members and managed by Shanna Mohammed, participated in the grand cultural celebration themed “Reconnecting with our Roots.”


The carnival aimed to unite people of African descent through cultural exchanges and foster partnerships within the business community. The Big Twins Ensemble’s performance was a highlight of the event, leaving the audience spellbound with their vibrant and energetic displays of traditional Ghanaian music and dance.


Their participation was supported by representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), and the Ghana Embassy in Brazil. The ensemble’s outstanding performance earned them high praise and acclaim from both attendees and fellow performers, solidifying their reputation as cultural ambassadors.


In addition to the Big Twins Ensemble, the carnival saw participation from other Ghanaian musicians, cultural artists, and members of the business community and diaspora. This gathering of talents not only showcased the rich cultural heritage of Ghana but also opened doors for future collaborations and cultural exchanges.


The Big Twins Cultural Music and Dance Ensemble’s mesmerizing performance at the Afro Root Carnival was a testament to their skill and dedication, earning them a standing ovation and hailing them as true custodians of Ghanaian culture on an international stage.


Source: News Ghana

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