UNDP Launches MSMEs Nimdie Series to Empower Ghanaian MSMEs


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched an innovative initiative dubbed “MSMEs Nimdie Series” designed to support the growth and sustainability of Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Ghana.


This initiative aims to empower entrepreneurs with the resources, skills, and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive market.


Named after the Akan word, “NIMDIE” meaning “knowledge”. The MSMEs Nimdie Series is designed to increase the knowledge of businesses in key areas such as branding, business planning, marketing, financial management, and digital transformation, ensuring that MSMEs have the tools and expertise needed to be successful and resilient.


“We recognize the pivotal role that MSMEs play in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and creating employment opportunities. By providing integrated support and addressing knowledge gaps, we aim to catalyze the growth and sustainability of MSMEs, thereby contributing to Ghana’s overall economic development”, stated Sukhrob Khoshmukhamedov, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Ghana.

The MSMEs Nimdie Series falls under UNDP’s integrated MSMEs support programme, which aims to promote economic transformation and sustainable development in Ghana. Through the Series, entrepreneurs will also receive guidance on leveraging the AfCFTA to enhance intra-African trade, stimulate economic growth, and foster regional integration.


The event brought together entrepreneurs, policymakers, who welcomed the initiative as a timely response to the needs of various MSMEs in Ghana. “This program is a game-changer for us. We have struggled to access financing and training, but with the MSMEs Nimdie Series, we have been equipped with immense knowledge to position our businesses to grow beyond boarders” noted, Gertrude CEO of Trudie arts and craft who is also a graduate of our Thunderbird graduate programme.


The MSMEs Nimdie Series is poised to become a pivotal platform for knowledge sharing, skill development, and networking opportunities for Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

The MSMEs Nimdie Series future discussion will delve into crucial topics such as financial management, market expansion, digital marketing, innovation, regulatory compliance, and access to government support programs.


By tackling these essential areas, the UNDP is reaffirming its commitment to empowering Ghana’s entrepreneurs and fueling economic growth. Stay tuned for upcoming series, as we continue to unlock the potential of Ghana’s MSMEs and drive progress towards a brighter future.

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