Tyler ICU soars to new heights with chart-topping hits and global recognition

Tyler ICU soars to new heights with chart-topping hits and global recognition.


Internationally acclaimed amapiano producer and DJ Tyler ICU has kept his foot on the peddle when it comes to releasing music that tops the charts.


Tyler ICU’s rise in the last few years has been undeniably strong from co-producing and contributing to some of the biggest songs of the 2020s, creating an impressive name for himself as he rises up the ranks.


His discography includes ‘Bella Ciao’, ‘Banyana’, ‘Izolo’, ‘Ngimoja’ and the game changer, ‘Mnike’, released last year, which achieved local and global recognition – 53 million Spotify streams, over 400 000 creation views on TikTok and award-winning musician and mogul Rihanna calling it her song of the year.


The ‘Mnike’ challenge went viral with everyone locally and abroad, including some of the biggest names in pop culture doing the dance challenge.


With all that he has achieved Tyler ICU (real name Austin Baloyi) admits that it’s “tricky celebrating” especially since he doesn’t want to let the fame get to him and get comfortable.


“We keep the celebrations to a minimum ‘cause we know there are other things scheduled to be done. It kind of gets tricky to just celebrate when you know tomorrow you have a flight to catch, have interviews and performances.”


The 28-year-old music producer surrounds himself with a trustworthy circle of friends who support him in his career and also help him stay in a good place when it comes to his mental health.


Knowing his background, Tyler ICU can’t afford to mess up the trajectory of his career because it’s no longer just about him.


Tyler ICU’s music has also been recognised by prestigious awards such as the MTV European Music Awards, and the Metro FM Music Awards and most recently he has been nominated at the 2024 BET Awards.


The BET Awards will be taking place on June 30 at the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles and Tyler ICU admits that he won’t be able to make the ceremony, as he is currently on a world tour and will be performing in Paris on the day.


Disappointing his fans is something that Tyler ICU avoids, as he knows what it feels like to wait for your favourite artist to arrive and they don’t.


“It becomes hard for me to cancel because if you cancel one thing, it disturbs the whole tour schedule that has been in place for months.”


In May, Tyler ICU released ‘Manzi Nte’, alongside Masterpiece YVK, Silas Africa, Ceeka RSA, M.J, and Al Xapo, which has gone viral and has many participating in its dance challenge.


The music video for this song within two weeks of being on YouTube, already has one million views and it’s no surprise as it’s spicy with all the ‘twerking’ featured.


“We wanted something for the people, something for them to talk about and remember.”


The song has placed a spotlight on Masterpiece YVK and Tyler ICU couldn’t be prouder of his friend moving up and getting the spotlight he deserves.


“ ‘Manzi Nte’ is God-given, not for me but him (Masterpiece) on how it’s working out for him, how people are realising his name and that he has been on so many songs before. It’s his time right now, God gave him this time and it’s working out for him.


“I’m very happy and proud to see one of my friends moving up; from being an upcoming artist to being recognised even outside the country.”


Sharing with his community and uplifting those around him is important for Tyler ICU. “Someone gave me a chance and trusted me; Maphorisa trusted me and invited me to work and I am giving that platform to other kids. They gave me this opportunity and I need to share it with other kids so their lives can change.


“What’s the point of only my life changing and other’s lives not changing with my career, what kind of legacy would I be leaving behind?”


As a role model to the youth, Tyler ICU has learnt from mentors Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa to share the knowledge he has with other artists trying to make it in the industry.


He recalls how he spoke to Eeque who blew up with viral hit song ‘Tshwala Bam’ and says the results were evident in his successful verse on the track. “It’s a growing thing, the more we do it, the more the community of amapiano and the music itself grows.”


Tyler ICU fans can certainly expect more music from the talented musician and releases from artists under his record label with CeekaRSA and TumeloZA’s projects almost complete.

Source: IOL

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