Tony Tetuila hints at ‘My Car’ remix featuring Burna Boy

Renowned Nigerian singer, Tony Tetuila, has revealed his plans for a potential collaboration with Grammy-winning artist, Burna Boy on a remix of his 2001 hit single, My Car.


Tetuila’s track, known for its humorous take on Nigeria’s socio-economic landscape, propelled him to stardom following his departure from The Remedies, the influential music group he co-founded alongside Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Montana (Eddy Remedy).


In an exclusive interview with Daddy Freeze on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Tetuila addressed various topics, including Eedris Abdulkareem’s recent appearance on the Honest Bunch Podcast. However, the spotlight of the conversation shifted towards Tetuila’s endeavor to breathe new life into his classic hit.


Expressing admiration for the current wave of Nigerian artists who are reshaping the country’s music scene, Tetuila took a critical stance on Abdulkareem’s recent remarks about Burna Boy. He emphasized that while veterans like Abdulkareem may have played a pioneering role in Nigerian music, they cannot solely claim credit for paving the way for future generations.


Tetuila’s aspiration to collaborate with Burna Boy showcases the evolving dynamics within the Nigerian music industry, with established artists recognizing and embracing the talents of the newer generation. If successful, the remix of My Car could serve as a bridge between two eras of Nigerian music, blending Tetuila’s iconic track with Burna Boy’s contemporary style.


As anticipation mounts for this potential collaboration, fans eagerly await further developments, eager to witness the fusion of two distinct musical styles in what promises to be a memorable remix.


Source: Notjustok

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