The red flags and warning signs in online dating profiles


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In the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, Adeola sat in her small, cozy apartment, her laptop glowing softly in the dim light of the evening. She had recently ventured into the world of online dating, hoping to find a meaningful connection in the vast digital landscape. Adeola was an intelligent and cautious woman, aware of the many pitfalls that online dating could present. Yet, she remained optimistic, her heart filled with hope.

One evening, she received a message from a man named Kwame, who claimed to be from Accra, Ghana. Kwame’s profile was well-crafted, with pictures of him smiling warmly, often with scenic backgrounds of the Ghanaian coastline. His bio was thoughtful and articulate, detailing his love for music, travel, and his job as a software engineer. Adeola was intrigued and decided to engage in conversation.

Kwame’s initial messages were polite and engaging. He asked about Adeola’s interests, her job, and her favorite places in Lagos. They exchanged messages for several days, with Kwame always responding promptly and with enthusiasm. Adeola found herself looking forward to their conversations, feeling a connection growing between them.

However, as their correspondence continued, Adeola began to notice subtle inconsistencies in Kwame’s stories. One day, he mentioned attending a music festival in Accra that Adeola knew had been canceled due to the pandemic. When she gently pointed this out, Kwame quickly changed the subject, attributing his mistake to a mix-up with dates. Although this explanation seemed plausible, a small seed of doubt was planted in Adeola’s mind.

A few days later, Kwame mentioned that he was working on a big project that required him to travel frequently. He talked about his recent trip to Nairobi, Kenya, and shared pictures of his supposed travels. Adeola, who had friends in Nairobi, decided to cross-check some of the landmarks in his photos. To her surprise, she discovered that one of the photos was a stock image that she had seen before in travel blogs.

Feeling increasingly uneasy, Adeola decided to do a reverse image search on some of Kwame’s other pictures. To her dismay, several of them were indeed stock images or photos taken from various social media profiles. This revelation made her heart sink. Adeola confronted Kwame about the photos, but he became defensive and evasive, offering flimsy excuses about privacy and security concerns.

Recognizing these as significant red flags, Adeola decided to delve deeper into Kwame’s background. She asked him more detailed questions about his job, family, and life in Accra. Kwame’s answers became increasingly vague and contradictory. He often avoided direct responses, diverting the conversation back to Adeola’s life and interests. This deflection tactic was another warning sign that Kwame was not who he claimed to be.

Determined to uncover the truth, Adeola sought advice from her friend Kofi, who lived in Kumasi, Ghana. Kofi was well-versed in online security and had experience with online dating. He suggested that Adeola search for Kwame on various social media platforms and professional networking sites. Adeola followed his advice and found no trace of Kwame’s existence outside the dating app.

Armed with this information, Adeola decided to end her communication with Kwame. She felt a mix of disappointment and relief, grateful that she had trusted her instincts and identified the warning signs before it was too late. She reported Kwame’s profile to the dating app administrators, who assured her they would investigate the matter.

Undeterred by this experience, Adeola continued her search for love online, but with a renewed sense of caution. She became more vigilant in identifying potential red flags in profiles. She looked out for inconsistencies in stories, stock photos, vague or evasive answers, and an excessive focus on her personal details without reciprocating information.

One day, she came across the profile of a man named Thabo from Johannesburg, South Africa. Thabo’s profile was simple but genuine, with photos of him engaging in various activities like hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains and volunteering at a local animal shelter. His bio was straightforward, mentioning his job as a teacher, his love for nature, and his passion for community service.

Adeola decided to give Thabo a chance and initiated a conversation. Thabo’s responses were thoughtful and consistent. He shared stories about his work with children, his favorite hiking trails, and his experiences volunteering. Adeola felt a sense of authenticity in Thabo’s words, a stark contrast to her previous encounter with Kwame.

As their conversations continued, Adeola felt more comfortable and confident in her growing connection with Thabo. They exchanged phone numbers and moved their conversations to video calls. Thabo’s sincerity and warmth shone through, reinforcing Adeola’s belief that she had found someone special.

Months passed, and Adeola and Thabo’s bond deepened. They made plans to meet in person, with Thabo planning a visit to Lagos. When they finally met, the connection they had built online translated seamlessly into the real world. Adeola was grateful for her caution and perseverance, which had ultimately led her to a genuine and loving relationship.

Through her journey, Adeola learned valuable lessons about online dating. She understood the importance of being vigilant and recognizing red flags. She knew that genuine connections required time, patience, and careful observation. Adeola’s story became an inspiration to her friends and family, who admired her for navigating the complex world of online dating with wisdom and grace.

In the end, Adeola’s experience highlighted the importance of trust, honesty, and authenticity in any relationship. She found love not by ignoring the warning signs but by heeding them and trusting her instincts. And as she and Thabo walked hand-in-hand along the beaches of Lagos, Adeola knew that her journey had been worth every challenge and every lesson learned.

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