The Leading Vibe: Tems global domination on Spotify revealed

Categorising Tems as the leading vibe is not a catchy phrase or caption but a fact as the singer has continued to dominate the global stage and here are exclusive Spotify data to show just that.


From becoming the first Grammy award-winning Nigerian female singer to becoming one of the first to be certified platinum in the US, the bar has continued to be set higher for other female African artists by Tems and it is no surprise that her debut album Born In The Wild lived up to its hype as well as its expectations.


Female Afrobeats artists are currently at the forefront of the global music scene in 2024, and among them, Tems has notably distinguished herself. Her statistics on Spotify, a leading digital streaming platform, reflect her artistic growth and her increasing acceptance on the international stage.


Many often share their concerns about how popular or mainstream Tems’ style of music is. Still, exclusive data provided by Spotify reveals that she is arguably one of the digital streaming platform’s most streamed Nigerian artists worldwide.


Music lovers worldwide have paid keen attention to Tems even before the release of her debut album. Songs from the Leading Vibe herself (Both solo and collaborations) have been added to over 21.4 million playlists by different users on Spotify.


Who streams Tems’ music?


Gender: It is accurate to say that Tems has a well-balanced audience in terms of gender. Her audience is composed of approximately 50% male listeners and 47% female listeners, indicating a nearly equal representation of both genders.

Age group: Those aged between 23 and 27 make up a significant portion of Tems’s audience, accounting for 32% of her listeners. This demographic is closely followed by individuals aged between 28 and 34, who represent 23% of her audience.


Tems top streaming countries on Spotify (28 days):


Tems’ music has made a significant impact on the international music scene, with a large portion of her recent streams in the last month originating from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


United States

United Kingdom





South Africa





Tems’ top songs streamed in the last 28 days


Love me Jeje

Me & U


Free Mind


Found feat. Brent Faiyaz



Source: Notjustok

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