Singer Nhlanhla Mafu Opens Up About Losing Her Hearing: “For a Little While, I Was in Denial.

Nhlanhla Mafu, the Mafikizolo singer, recently revealed her struggle with hearing loss. She admitted to being in denial about it initially and took a considerable amount of time to come to terms with it. Nhlanhla Mafu experienced a loss of around 60% of her hearing in her left ear and 30% in her right ear.

South African singer and fashion designer Nhlanhla Mafu recently made headlines after she shared that she will be showcasing her clothing brand, NN Vintage, at NYC Fashion Week 2024.

Recently, the star opened up about losing her hearing a few years ago. According to Daily Sun, Mafu shared that she has been in denial about losing her hearing. She lost about 60% of her hearing in her left ear and 30% in her right ear, and she has been embarrassed about her condition, not wanting to accept it: “I realised my hearing level was lower. I struggled to hear conversations and often had to read lips.

I’ve lost significant hearing.” Mafu further told the publication that her diagnosis confirmed her fears: “For a while, I was in denial and didn’t want to accept what was happening because hearing loss is often associated with old age. I felt ashamed of losing my hearing. Going to the doctor for confirmation wasn’t easy. Eventually, I could tell it was getting worse. I realised I wasn’t helping myself by ignoring it. I needed to seek help.”

The Mafikizolo singer is now using hearing aids and has found a lease on life, allowing her to engage in conversations with others.

Source : Briefly news

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