Setting the Record Straight: Ghana’s Western Regional Minister and Amenfi East PC for NPP Advocate for Responsible Mining Practices

Western Regional Minister Kwabena Darko- Mensah (left) and Ernest Frimpong (right)

Source: Africa Publicity

In a recent engagement with artisanal small-scale miners at Amenfi, the Western Regional Minister and I, Ernest Frimpong, Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for the NPP in Amenfi East, emphasized the importance of responsible mining practices and urged miners to comply with the legal framework. Despite this, allegations have surfaced suggesting that we endorsed illegal mining. I would like to set the record straight and address these misconceptions.


Responsible Mining Practices Emphasized


During our engagement, we explicitly warned against mining in prohibited areas such as forest reserves, rivers, and other people’s concessions. We stressed the importance of reporting any instances of extortion and harassment by unauthorized individuals claiming to be law enforcement officers. I assured the miners of their protection under the laws governing small-scale mining in Ghana and pledged to defend them against any harassment.


Misinformation and Political Games


I urge the public to disregard the short video in circulation, which was taken out of context from the over two-hour engagement. Similarly, I urge the public to disregard any misrepresentation of our statements by some individuals and journalists. It has come to my attention that the incompetent NDC MP in Amenfi East, Hon. Nicholas Amankwah, is behind the circulation of this video to deliberately cause trouble for the miners. I warn him that his anti-mining schemes against the hardworking young men and women in the mining industry in Amenfi East will be exposed in the coming days.


Call to Action


I urge all miners to remain calm and continue to work according to the practices of responsible mining. I will continue to champion the interest of every constituent in every corner of our local economy, always acting within the legal and appropriate means. Our sincere hope is that all stakeholders will act responsibly and refrain from spreading misinformation for political gain.




Ernest Frimpong

NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Amenfi East.

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