South African Saxophonist Linda Sikhakhane is set to release a new album, ‘Iladi’

Renowned South African saxophonist and arranger Linda Sikhakhane is set to captivate audiences with his brand new album, titled ‘Iladi’.


Sikhakhane began his musical journey at an early age, leading him to become one of his generation’s most celebrated jazz artists.


According to a statement released to the media, Sikhakhane will share three mesmerising singles. Each of these songs will offer a glimpse into the sonic tapestry of ‘Iladi’.


The first single, titled ‘Inkehli’, was released on May 31.


‘Inkehli’ is a Zulu term referring to a woman in the pivotal transition to becoming a wife, a role that signifies her centrality within the family.


According to the statement, this album honours the women who head households and raise the next generation in a profound tribute to matriarchy. Linda’s songs, which fuse modern jazz elements with traditional African rhythms, beautifully capture the respect and admiration afforded to these outstanding personalities.


‘Iladi’ is a vehicle to express Gratitude. According to the statement released, Sikhakhane was previously honoured by Standard Bank as the 2022 Standard Bank Young Jazz Artist. This recognition of his abilities and outstanding input to the jazz community encouraged him to write “Iladi” as an expression of his thanks.


Moreover, this album reflects his development and the encouragement that helped him reach new artistic heights by expressing his deep admiration for his mentors, cultural heritage, and the rich tradition of jazz.


Source: IOL

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