Record 40,000 Mourners Attend Funeral of Blanche Tunasi, Congo’s Beloved Philanthropist Died From Heart Attack

Blanche Odia Kandolo Tunasi coffin being carried

Source: Africa Publicity

A record 40,000 mourners have attended the funeral of Blanche Odia Kandolo Tunasi, a renowned Congolese philanthropist and beloved wife of one DR Congo’s most popular pastors, Pastor Marcello Jeremie Tunasi of the La Compassion Church.

The late Mrs. Tunasi died from heart attack in Turkey on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. She was 48 years old.

Pastor Marcello Jeremie Tunasi going round his wife’s coffin at her burial service

Her burial service at the Tata Raphael Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, attracted mourners from all walks of life.

Mrs. Tunasi was considered a pillar of La Compassion Church, one of DR Congo’s biggest churches.

Blanche Tunasi and Pastor Marcello Jeremie Tunasi

She was widely known for working tirelessly in building the church and supporting various church activities.

The late Mrs. Tunasi was also admired for her great philanthropic deeds across DR Congo, with the record high number of who attended her funeral bearing witness to love the Congolese people have for her for the great work she was doing to uplift the church and humanity.

Mrs. Tunasi is survived by her husband and their three children.

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